The Art of Manliness

I'm always mixing manly activities with introspective things(like art). I think especially for men it is very important to live a balanced life. Find out to get yourself more manly! The Art of Manliness

So, anyways get your shit together and become a real man.

Check out Aubrey Marcus of Onnit and his great video on What is a Warrior.
I love the last line of it:

“I am going to be a storm — a flame — I need to fight whole armies alone. I have ten hearts! I have a hundred arms! I feel too strong to war with mortals. Bring me GIANTS!”

This video always gets me fired up and ready to tear shit up.
He has a supplement and fitness equipment company with Joe Rogan and is a someone who really seems to push his own limits with and without psychedelics.

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