Andy Goldsworthy, Nature and Art--What Could be Better?

I really love this man's work. Andy takes what he finds in nature and arranges them in extraordinary ways. He takes great photographs of them as well. I would recommend you take a look at his shit as it is awesome and he also has a documentary


River and Tides

( which is a great look into his process).


What I really appreciate about his work is the temporary nature of it. He makes ice sculpture cones, snaps a photo and watching his masterpiece melt away as the sun rises. All things we can create are impermanent, whether we think so or not, and he fully embraces that fact and works in a purposefully temporary medium. It reminds of the Buddhist monks that create beautiful mandalas from coloured sand, just to have them destroyed to represent the transience of life. Pretty much just create to enjoy the process because your beautiful painting or your intricate sculpture will eventually be taken by time.


andy-goldsworthy- stick arch
andy-golsworthy- leaves and hole
andy goldsworthy - earth snake river
andy goldsworthy - sticks water
andy goldsworthy - rock cone
Andy Goldsworthy - sycamore

A note: I usually try and label all other artists pieces on here but I had trouble finding names anywhere so if anyone has a listing of his work or something leave me a comment, thanks.


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