The Badassary of Samurai Swords

     Of course as always I'm obsessed with perfection and people striving for it. So lately I've been really fascinated with Japanese sword makers. They are works of art for sure and the swords are examples of a life spent struggling and striving on one's craft. I think everyone's focus wanes from time to time and mine is no different but I think the best thing in my experience to do is just keep rolling. There is always lows and highs and you just must accept it as an inevitability. I'm no guru by any means but I definitely want everyone to succeed. You also must be free from worrying whether anyone's success will negatively effect you, there is enough success for everyone. Well, enough about that. Swords are badass and you should check out the people who make them.


This is pretty awesome so if you haven't seen it, watch it.



And this:


Some of Ono Yoshimitsu's blades:


A young handsome Ono Yoshimitsu

A young handsome Ono Yoshimitsu