Tim Ferriss

     I've only read one book by Tim Ferriss, 4-Hour Workweek. I liked it, maybe because I'm a dreamer and hope for a 4-Hour Workweek at some point in my life or because it injected new ideas into my life. The main idea being that you want to be a business owner and not a business manager, meaning that you don't want to spend all your time chained to your business. He suggests streamlining things so that you don't need to micromanage everything in your business. This book and all of Tim's books take a lot of flak especially because his books are marketed towards the masses. For me there is that portion of the book that is just trying to get you excited which you may want to disregard or you can get excited about starting a business.


I think he has a lot of great ideas and is quite thorough so:

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     Be sure to check out Tim's Podcast as he "deconstructs world-class performers", or in other words great insightful interviews with interesting folks.

Some podcast recommendations would be:


Derek Sivers - For a paradigm shift on business and giving away millions

Arnold Schwarzenegger - On his tactics to win and so many great stories

Jamie Foxx - Great tales about his childhood and Hollywood



     I hope you enjoy and as always keep on moving friends nothing is as important as this. Let me know what you think about old Timothy, have a good day.