Pig Pen

While in grade 9 or 10 my friends, Steve and Evan, and I were playing some football in our elementary school field. We all sucked, well I did anyways, it was like a bunch of war amps playing field hockey. So, after we were done being a bunch of nancy boys I felt a little tickle on my head. I kind of gave my head a little twitch just to make sure it wasn't just in my mind. By this point because I was just standing there Steve and Evan are just staring blankly at me. I feel the tickle again and this time I reach up only to feel something wet on my hand. Of course it was bird shit but, a lot of people have been shit on so its really not that great of a story. The hilarious part is that I rubbed my head vigorously on the grass and then went home. Then instead of having a shower like a normal human being I ate dinner and went to bed. I went to school for two days without having a shower until Evan asked me if I had even taken a shower yet. That's when I realized I am the real life pigpen.